About SPC Technologies

SPC Technologies Ltd was formed in the year 2001 by a group of technologists from the porous plastics and wider polymer industries; our goal to produce sintered plastic components using the most advanced processes at a level of quality and value unequalled in the industry. Since that time the company has grown steadily in size and reputation, whilst maintaining the core goals and values which enabled its original inception.

Our engineers are available to discuss your individual application, arrange prototypes, tooling or samples, and to find the best solution to your porous plastic requirements. Technical enquiries are routed straight to the technical staff with appropriate experience in your application, so you can rest assured that you are speaking to the right people with the right experience.

Our technical team possess considerable expertise in chemical, mechanical and process engineering, and when not developing specific applications, are working on an on-going programme to expand and improve our range of materials and products.

SPC Technologies is rapidly building a reputation for excellence in quality, service and attention to detail with customers both large and small. We offer all our customers fast delivery times, immediate technical support and continued after sales service as standard.